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Even those pollutants invisible to the naked eye can instigate serious environmental and health problems. For this reason, the EPA and other organizations encourage, and in some instances require, the use of pollution control equipment.In addition to the aforementioned benefits, electrostatic precipitators allow for easy collection of trapped dust and other particulates which may be reused in some instances leading to significant material savings. Read More…

Electrostatic Precipitators Capable of removing dust, smoke, and other debris, electrostatic precipitators are used heavily in machining, textile, material handling, petroleum, chemical processing, electronics, and manufacturing industries which produce a range of dust, powder, and ash particulates.
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Leading Manufacturers

Milwaukee, WI  |  800-488-0230

Anguil Environmental provides highly-engineered, environmental equipment and service solutions that help clients solve complex industrial air pollution control and wastewater treatment challenges across the globe. Anguil air pollution control systems include thermal and catalytic oxidation technologies for compliance with VOC, HAP and odor regulations.

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De Pere, WI  |  920-336-5715

Dürr Megtec provides customized systems for: regulatory compliance; improvement in working environment and in neighbor relations by reducing odor from industrial processes and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and process energy management.

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Dürr Systems, Inc. $$$

Parsippany, NJ  |  973-947-8787

The Clean Air Group is recognized as a leader in the development of air pollution control technologies. Our line of products includes wet scrubbers, gas absorbers, particulate control devices, and more. All of our equipment is designed to achieve 99.99% efficiency, zero plume, and clean water discharge for almost any hazardous air pollutant. Whether your industry is chemical processing, textile, medical, aerospace, or agricultural, we have the expertise to solve the toughest pollution problems.

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Menomonie, WI  |  715-233-6115

At Intellishare, our specialty lies in designing, fabricating, and operating thermal and catalytic oxidization systems to control VOCs, HAPs and odorous emissions for industry and environment. With state-of-the-art technology, we handle design, fabrication, and operations. For over 20 years, we have produced thousands of solutions and installations, which goes to show that our dedicated and hardworking team can help you find what works for your application.

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Green Bay, WI  |  920-432-2699

Kono Kogs is a worldwide supplier of high-quality used air pollution control equipment. We buy, refurbish and sell used catalytic, thermal, fume and regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO). These systems are available as-is or reconditioned with a performance warranty. Call us today!

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Jeffersonville, IN  |  812-280-1854

Whether your application is dust collection, pollution control, ventilation, or product recovery, our team at Heumann is here to help. We are a world leader in designing and building efficient, custom-engineered air pollution control equipment. Our experienced engineering and design staff can help you solve your toughest challenges. Contact us today to get started!

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North Ridgeville, OH  |  440-327-6051

Heil® Process Equipment provides systems for processing corrosive chemicals, odor control systems plus air pollution control equipment. Our “epitome of quality” products include tanks, fans, scrubbers and stacks for handling corrosive air or fluids. Our products surpasses ASME/ASTM requirements.

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In addition to the aforementioned benefits, electrostatic precipitators allow for easy collection of trapped dust and other particulates which may be reused in some instances leading to significant material savings. The success and efficiency of a working electrostatic precipitator rely heavily on maintenance and initial assembly. When selecting a precipitator the size of both the system and the particles to be collected should be carefully considered for optimal efficiency. The volume and velocity of the process gas should also be considered as should the available power supply. The electrical properties of the particulates will also affect the operational abilities of the system which relies on electric charges.
Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Hexagonal Collection Tubes Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Collection Tubes - B&W MEGTEC Systems, Inc.
The process an electrostatic precipitator employs to remove impurities from an air supply begins with what is known as ionization. This requires that the particles in the air supply be charged inductively with an electric field. The metal plates or tubes of the precipitator, known as collection plates or tubes, are at the same time charged with a negative voltage. The opposing charges attract, causing the particulates to adhere to the plates or tubes. Shaking or tapping the metal causes the dust and debris to fall into a bin for disposal or recycling. The method of removing the built up cake from the precipitator is the point that divides the systems into two broad categories. Though the basic function is similar, the two main categories of electrostatic precipitators are wet and dry. While dry machines remove the debris by rapping or shaking, wet systems use water or washing solutions to condition and rinse the particles from the collector. The type used depends largely on the operating space, resources, and the type of pollutants within in air stream. Because electrostatic precipitators are integral to numerous applications, it is important to consult with air pollution control equipment professionals prior to installation to ensure optimal performance.

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